Hair Transplant in Delhi, India Cost and Expert Aspects

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It is a well-known fact that the city of Delhi in India is the most relevant option for the hair transplant surgery because of the availability of the best hair transplant Surgeon, best facilities in terms of cost and needed benefits and the last, but not least is the beauty of tourism in a single courtyard of this capital city of India.

The procedure of hair transplant in South Delhi is a most worthy selection if you are looking for an expert Surgeon at an Indian cost and as far as benefits are concerned that can be seen through the fashion of doing things in this city, especially the cosmetic surgery like the hair transplant procedure. Most of the expert Doctors/Surgeons of the hair restoration focuses on the FUT (follicular unit transplant) hair transplant technique rather than the FUE (follicular unit extraction) in order to fulfil the desired goal of the aesthetic hair transplant surgery as the FUT has the capability of giving a greater number of grafts for the implantation. In the technique of FUT, the surgeon harvest the strip of the skin, usually from the back and sides of the scalp to take the hair roots for the implantation procedure and it assures the sustainability and a lifelong hair root as an aesthetic goal of the procedure.

Why Delhi for the hair transplant procedure in India

Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons

The city, Delhi is blessed with the expert Surgeons of the hair restoration, the surgeons have the vital role in the international hair restoration societies and time to time, they give their contribution in terms of newly invented technique, thought, and way of doing the surgery to enrich the value of the society. The surgeons of New Delhi are counted as the world’s topmost hair transplant surgeon and their endeavour of doing the surgery is up to the mark, which can be analyzed from their valuable workshops, training programs, and the seminars that are organized by them both in India and abroad.

The Affordable Cost

The cost of hair transplant is a genuine one as the number of grafts determines the price. Each graft cost, which is offered by the class one clinic. This cost, in addition, weighs a genuine price when the need in a bulk and easily price the 3,000-4,000 grafts for the highest grade of baldness and put a budget price for the clients. The cost aspect of Delhi of the restoration procedure is just one-fourth of the cost of Western world countries and that is why a turn on factor for both the national and foreign patient.


On the whole, we can say that the Delhi is the hub of the medical tourism, mostly for the hair transplant procedure due to the modest cost with best facilities along with the guidance and assessment by the best hair transplant Surgeon that makes the choice of getting the procedure in this city a worthy one.

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