Breast Surgery in Delhi – Four Types of Breast Surgeries

11111Breast surgeries have gained immense popularity in the recent years. Many people are not happy with the shape; size and volume of their breasts, hence want to correct it. There are different types of breast surgeries which are performed to improve the appearance of breasts. Breast augmentation surgery in Delhi is one of the most commonly performed procedures. Here are some of the most popular breast surgeries.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Also known as breast implants, mammoplasty or breast enlargement, breast augmentation surgery in Delhi helps in increasing or restoring the size of breast by making use of saline implants and gel implants. In some cases, surgeon also makes use of fat transfer. It is one of the most frequently and commonly performed procedures. Women who want regain, enhance and restore balance to their figure can make the most of this procedure.

Breast Lift Surgery

Medically known as mastopexy, it is performed for improving the shape and size of uneven and sagging breasts, drooping nipples, stretched areolas and decreased breast volume. In case there is too much or too little breast volume, a breast reduction or augmentation might be performed along with breast lift surgery. Consult a cosmetic surgeon to know about breast lift surgery cost in India. Results of this surgery are outstanding without much oh problems.

Breast Reduction Surgery

The primary objective of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of breasts and reshaping them, making breasts in proportion with remaining part of your body. Overly large size of breasts can cause discomfort to people. Breast reduction surgeon in Delhi makes sure that you get effective results of the procedure.


It is the best solution for men having overly large size of breasts. Overly large size of breasts becomes the reason for embarrassment in men. However, you can now get rid of this condition by simply opting for gynecomastia.   Gynecomastia specialist in Delhi performs this procedure using different methods such as cutting excess glandular tissues, liposuction or combination of techniques.

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